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Previous Reebok Master Trainers

Who were the previous Reebok Global/Master Trainers of Canada?

David Snively-Global Trainer
Pierre Blouin-Global Trainer
Libby Norris-Master Trainer
Vera Bond-MasterTrainer
Ruth Vesterbak- Master Trainer
Mandy Tarder-Master Trainer
Farhan Dhalla-Master Trainer

Cycling, Calves and Conquering the World

Walking into the cycling studio I was immediately struck by her presence. Her professionalism, her confidence and her calves made a statement: “Go hard, and then go home.” The motto of the day.

Speaking with her before class I was amazed by just about everything Calabrina had to say. Friendly and personable, she’s worked as a director at several top-name gyms, enjoyed a stint on television with Sharon Mann, and has a career in mediation. She has done it all. She once raised over $50,000 to help build a school in an underserved part of Armenia by biking the entire coast of California in five days!

Functional Threshold Power: The Most Important Power Metric

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 | By Joe Friel

There’s little doubt that training with power is much more complex than training with heart rate. Looking at your TrainingPeaksworkout chart summary after a bike session with power meter may look like alphabet soup with abbreviations such as TSS®, NP®, VI,Pw:HR and more. Each of these has something to do with how well you performed on the ride that day. Sometimes a power meter can seem overwhelming. There’s certainly a lot to learn to be proficient with power-based training. To help you get started down the path to becoming more power knowledgeable I’d suggest you pick up a couple of books. One is mine—The Power Meter Handbook. This is a short introduction to training with power. The other is Training and Racing With a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and AndrewCoggan. It’s the bible of power-based training and can answer all of your questions on how it is done.


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