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5 Things To Do Before Every Workout | By Jim Vance

Many athletes start their workout by lacing up their shoes or throwing on a helmet, and getting right into their session. Of course just getting started can be a difficult step at times, but paying attention to a few specific preparation keys before you start a workout can mean the difference between getting the training response you want and possibly taking steps backwards.

Here are five things every athlete should do in this order, before they workout, to maximize the training session.

The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know about Plant-based Protein

The Deconstructed Dish: The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know about Plant-based Protein
plant-based proteinWho has time to stay savvy about latest nutrition research these days? Besides, a nutritional breakthrough or wonder food makes headlines every Monday only to be disproved by Tuesday, right? Even though you may be seconds away from tossing in the kitchen towel and just eating your favorite comfort foods because you’re so frustrated and confused, don’t yet.

8 HIGH RISK GMO FOODS-by fat burning Man

#1 – Alfalfa
Think you’re in the clear because you skip the alfalfa sprouts on your sandwich? Sorry, think again. The primary use for alfalfa is as a livestock feed for dairy cattle. Once that GMO hay is chewed by the cow, it goes into the cow’s system and thus becomes part of the milk supply. So, stay away from commercially produced milk and milk products—and skip the sprouts, unless they’re organically grown.
#2 – Canola


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