About Calabrina

In the past Calabrina Boyajian has been the Director Reebok University Resolution Days until the RURD and has been a director of fitness for over 17 years.

Calabrina was a fitness presenters agent(Fitnesspresenters.com) and had a roster of clients such  the Reebok Master Team and others.
Calabrina has also starred on T.V. with Sharon Mann on her show and wrote the Fit Tips for In Shape with Sharon Mann on Fit T.V.

Presently Calabrina is a Lebert master trainer and enjoys teaching various classes at The Granite Club, Glendon Athletic Club of York University and various L.A. Fitness clubs. Cycle, strength, TRX,Gravity and mayo facial release are her favourite classes to teach.
She personal trains clients and specializes in training clients who live with Diabetes.

Philanthropy is dear to Calabrina's heart and used her passion for riding to raise $52,000.00 to build a room in a school in Armenia.
Monteray to Los Angeles.


Calabrina, as an instructor, you lead a class with full of energy, motivation and inspiration; no matter what level I am at, you help me keep going to improve my core, rebuild my strength and stability.
Thank you! Joyce Jan 2015

All it took was joining one of Calabrina's Body Works classes and I've been hooked ever since.It's more than just a great workout, there are so many elements that make it my favourite class to be a part of. Not only does she have a real knack for motivating you to push yourself to then next level but her strength, endurance, and amazing energy and support is always inspiring; not to mention her great music selections. They really keep the mood positive and upbeat. She's always introducing new exercises to keep the routines current, effective, and interesting. Through her class, I've been able to achieve my fitness goals and attribute my sculpted physique to her great demonstrations in form and technique, something I could not have otherwise achieved on my own. After Calabrina's class I feel energized physically and mentally. She's really changed my life for the better!

Thank you so much!
Hellen Valtzis-Feb 2015

I have know Calabrina for many years and have followed her and trained with
her. She continues to motivate myself and those who she trains, always
keeping our work outs new and attainable. I look forward to her classes as
she inspires us to continue to excel. She is a fantastic teacher and trainer
with so much energy. She is so inspiring.


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Marc Lebert, Brian Grasso, Jenn Hall, Sharon Mann, Sgt. Ken Weichert, Adam Ferguson

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